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My Journey

Hi, I am Kazumi.


I went through many obstacles in life and sought different modalities to heal myself.

I overcame, and I feel whole.

Reiki holds a special place for me as it opened the Spiritual Door for me. I have been a Reiki practitioner for ten years and became a Reiki Master to teach others.

I would love to help more people access Self-healing. 

I was once a client of BodyTalk, and it blew my mind as my unknown pain that was coming from stress went away. So, I know that it works! The body knows exactly what to do. I became a practitioner and keep learning as their teaching never ends. 

I am a single mother of two children.

Balancing my life and myself is very important for me. 

This is my passion that aligns with my soul.

I am grateful for what I do. 

"You don't need to be stuck in life,

Live in the moment,

Align with your soul."



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Capturing Dragons Studio, photographer/Art Director took my beautiful self portrait.

Kate redesigned and gave a new look to my website! She is so dedicated who understood what I was looking for. 

Her passion is to help other businesses grow.

Putnam Marketing

Yoga became a part of my life by meeting a wonderful Yoga Teacher, Eden. Yoga balances my body and mind. 

I am all about eco-friendly and natural products. Living harmony with the Earth. Environmentally friendly house cleaning service,

My favorite Yoga Wear.

High quality leggings with pop designs make even more fun to exercise. 

All products are made in USA.

Ellie has passion for helping to find/sell homes.

She has such a warm heart, loves people and connections.

Ellie Viray, Realtor/GRI

I love Gemstones. I have them everywhere and use them for my sessions as well. 

treasure8box offers one of the kind Gemstones.

I made them to custom jewelry for myself.

Just beautiful and love them!

A Tower of Stones
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