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Gifted hands is all I can say when I received my 1st BodyTalk session from Kazumi. Then to continue to experience her work with Reiki. Such a gift to me on my healing journey. The feeling of being relaxed during and after the sessions anchored in my mind the mantra “well done, all is well.” All sessions are facilitated distance, and the healing I could feel in my body was gentle, and something was different and expansive. I’m grateful to know Kazumi as one of my practitioner on my healing journey.




If you are looking to treat your body, mind, and soul, I recommend Kazumi’s bodytalk session.

I have had a backache since the car accident. It was improved with Chiropractic Doctor and practicing yoga. However, the pain kept coming back. I sort of gave up on the pain. During Kazumi’s BodyTalk session, what surprised me was that one of the reasons for the pain was associated with my feelings of anger of the certain past event.

I felt great after her session. Kazumi’s BodyTalk is amazing because the pain had healed.

I recommended Kazumi to my friends. 

My dog has skin problems, and his skin is getting much better after Kazumi’s distance session.

My son just got her distance session. 

We are a fan of Kazumi’s session. 

Thank you very much.

Kazumi, you are the best !! 

-Yuko T


Before               After

I have had BodyTalk and Reiki sessions with Kazumi, and she is amazing. Her touch of energy is powerful. I can tell and feel the difference right after my session. I totally recommend her. 


During my first BodyTalk session, I was surprised to be asked about aspects of my past that I myself never paid attention to.

I was specifically asked to recall my first days in the US and how those fun-filled days triggered physical changes in me. Indeed, looking back, I realized that the daily onslaught of new experiences kept me from recognizing all of the physical changes happening in my body.



I have had remote Reiki session with Kazumi and found it very helpful. At that time my whole body was aching though, I could feel her healing energy which soothing my aches and pains.


I also had her BodyTalk remote sessions at least five times. She combines with Reiki and energize your body and mind. Her thoughtful session made my body feel at ease.

I highly recommend her session!

Thank you so much!


- Kozue

I was in a sorrowful and devastating moment in my life. All that sadness led me to lose a lot of weight until people thought that I was anorexic. No matter how much I ate, my body did not hold it. I booked my first remote session with Kazumi. The session was very relaxing. I didn’t do anything special other than lay down and relax. I felt the energy going around my body, and in the end, I felt like somebody take away a huge weight from me. I felt lighter and relax. The surprise was after two weeks, my body started to gain some weight, and felt lighter and happier. I had a few follow up sessions that always helped me improve what my body needs. Bodytalk is not a quick fix. It is something that penetrates different levels of wellness. My children had a couple of sessions with her. 

I just had Reiki First Degree class with Kazumi, and I’m feeling fantastic and whole. The sense of calmness came over me and, at the same time, a lot of energy and centered myself. I did self-healing for three weeks. I feel amazing, so I can say that this will be part of my life. 

Kazumi is a knowledgeable and compassionate practitioner. She creates an environment where people feel comfortable to ask questions and share their thoughts. I never feel rushed when I talked to her. I am so thankful for her guidance and for providing a beautiful and peaceful experience. I highly recommend Kazumi for Bodytalk and Reiki without any doubt. 



BodyTalk left me feeling balanced and restored. Kazumi was amazing at communicating what was unbalanced within me and really opened my eyes.

I would recommend Kazumi to everyone!


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I have found a balance in my life, thanks to Kazumi.


With my crazy work schedule, I focused less time on my mental and physical health. I sacrificed many things in my life, such as sleep, exercise, healthy eating, etc. There would be days where I would eat one meal and just be surviving off coffee. I wouldn't go to bed till 4/5 am and was right back up at 8 am. It was EXHAUSTING. I needed balance in my life. And just like I asked for it, the universe led me to Kazumi. 

I had heard of Bodytalk before and was very intrigued by the concept. I knew I needed to change my lifestyle to get rid of some of the stress, so I decided to give Bodytalk a shot. After my first remote session, I felt a difference. I started to exercise again, substituted my coffee with actual food, and was sleeping regularly. I was way more relaxed than before. 

I decided to do a Reiki session with Kazumi. Let me tell you; this session made a big difference. I felt balanced after my Bodytalk session, Reiki enhanced it. I was focused and extra motivated. I was on an even better path than before in bettering my health. The drastic change came after my Reiki First Degree class with Kazumi. Since then, I'm clear-headed and calmer. Work tasks that would stress me out have now turned into a relaxed, collective conversation in my head on how to resolve and go about an issue. I've given up coffee. When I once use to crave coffee, the thought of it now makes me feel sick. Instead, I turn to water to cleanse my thirst.

Thank you, Kazumi, for the guidance, assistance, and techniques to harness my inner energy and find my balance within.


- Brian

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